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simple robotic arm (instructables)

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simple robotic arm (instructables)

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:38 pm

hello everyone,
a while ago i was watching a program about a car factory, and they used robotic arm´s to put the car´s thogetter.
that was the moment were i got the idea of bulduig my one helping hand.
so a time ago i started building on this arm.
and now it is completed.
and i am conna show you how you can build one, or get you some idea´s.
to stared whit i whil sow you were it is build from;
for moving the robotic arm i used 6 servo´s
te body is build from 2mm lexan.
the statif is from a old disco ball (the part were the motor was mounted in)
and i used a distance sensor, and a 10mm led.
the brain is now a arduino, and a power circuit board.
the power it selve come´s from a computer power supply.
in this instructable i whil sow you how to build a robotic arm, and how to use the power supply
i hoop you enjoy it, and if you enjoy please vote for the contest´s
Who doesn't whant a thirt arm on their desk what can help you whit everything you want.
if you ask my it is a real enprovment to your lab.
and it costlessthan $100 dollar Smile
update in step 4, it now light's up in the dark Smile
robot arm(Geconverteerd).mov(516x290) 5 KB
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Step 1: Getting the parts
oke let´s start building on this thing.
before we can start we need to get some part´s and plan´s.
what you whil need;
-6 servo´s (i used 2x mg946, 2x mg995, 2xf utuba s3003(mg995/mg946 is better then the futuba s3003, but they are much cheaper)) about 10 dollar a piece
-lexan 2mm (and a smal piece of 4mm) if you don´t have any, about 5 dollar for a nice piece
-distance sensor (hc-sr04) about 5 dollar
-10mm led (any color you like) 0,50 dollar
-stative (you need a box or someting like that to put your arm on) saved Wink
-claw(you can buy one on the internet) about 15 dollar
-arduino uno (i am working on my own comtroller, but arduino works fine) about 15 dollar
-power circuit board ( you need to make this, i come on this later, but it is not that spacial) free, you make it your self Smile
-power supply (i used one from a old pc) free!!
-pc to program the arm (when you are using a arduino you can use arduino developmer tool. whitch you can download from there site free (if you already have one)
you whil need some wire´s and basic tools
like a solder iron and solder. if you have them or lend them the are free to
now we got al the parts we can start building.
Step 2: Building the body
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Oke lets build the body, before we start i need to say that i have no drawing of it. I just did it out of my head. It principal is pritty simple
You have two rows of lexan to mount the servo's on tose long lexan pieces. And two rows to put the servo's in the rows whit two holes in it. and a U bracked piece on the end. The hand for the arm i jusy bought from the internet. I mounted almost everything whit screws. Becaus when you do somtimg wrong you can change it very eassy
the numbers behind the parts, can you find in the picture.
The lengt if the first part(1) is about 19 cm
And the second part(2) is about 17,5 cm
An the lengt of the front part(3) is 5,5 cm
For the rest it is a bit standaart just look what the besy demencions are for your robot, depents how big or small you want him. for the rest it doesn't realy matter what size you are using.
Now you probely have a idea of building your robitic arm.
The arm needs to rotate 180 degrees total. So we need to ad a servo under the robot. Make a hole in the box and put the servo in there. And screw the arm to the servo. I mount a ring(4) arount the servo so there was no distance between the box and the arm. You can do this if you need it.
To place the distance sensor i used a pice of 2mm lexan and screwed it to the robot hand. I also put a 10 mm led under the hand
You probely need a spring to help to servos for a better movement.
It is hard to explane how to build this, beceaus it is different for everyone. It just depents on the stuff you have/buy. For example if you have bigger servos you need other lexan parts.
And you need to calibrate your robot so it is straight. And whit other parts it is diffrent(so it is not shaking and has a nice movement).
If it is shaking you can ad some weight to the arm. This probely solve the problem
When you build your one body you need to make the servo motor wires longer. Just grap some wire (i used a internet cable whit´s i cut open) and solder 3 pin headers to it. Some heatsinking over it and stick it in the conector. and make a other female connector on the other side. to connect it to the power supply board.
Now we have the body we can move on to the brain Smile
Step 3: Using the robotic claw
for the installing of the robotic claw, you need;
a servo(can be a futuba s3003 (or another standaard servo) mg995 or mg946 wil work the best))
and you need some screws
so what do you do.
you take a servo bracked and cut it until it fits in the robotic claw.
than you need to use two smal screws to put it in place.

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